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Our mission is to empower business owners.

What we offer our village:

Incubator Programs

Technical Assistance

Wellness and Community

Seed Grants

We work with founders across the U.S.





I have a community I can lean on - and they show up for me. The only reason I’ll fail now is because I choose to fail. I now have the tools, and I can now ask for help. And I know I can reach out to my cohort even after this is over.

– Xoli I.

The program made me want a squad so that I can learn to delegate and do the work. My mantra is I'm doing the work. Before, I'd set big goals and negated the small ones. But now I have small, medium, and large ones so that I can see where I'm going. I see that celebrating the small wins are important.

– Georgette

It's been the mentorship for me - I haven't had a lot of one-on-one, but the ones I've had have been amazing. Kris told me that I need to think like a CEO, not a founder. It was helpful and important. Celebrating the wins of others and the synergy we're creating are amazing.

– Tia

[The program] definitely taught me to stop playing small for sure. $50,000? Nah, I can make half a million or a million. I want to expand past Georgia. I want to lock down shipping fees. Thinking bigger than I ever imagined for the immediate future. The program has me shifting my vision--why can’t I be a 6 figure company next year?

– Brandi

I do things so much differently now that I’ve joined this. I’m more organized. Even being on this schedule--I never had a calendar. [I'm] more aware of what my business actually is. We went through the elevator pitching and defining who our customers are and understanding why we got started.

– Kaylon

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