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When you first start a business, you are focused on two main things: making money and growing your business. This typical mindset causes entrepreneurs to jump out the gate with creative including typography, logos and sometimes even business names that aren’t researched or strategic. Whether your business is 5 years old or 5 days old, I believe you should be so in love with your brand that you’d get it tattooed on you. If not, then you should follow these 6 tips when considering a rebrand.

1) Colors Matter

Often times folks get excited about changing things up and start to change their logo’s colors for various causes or seasons. This confuses your customer. Instead, when choosing colors, think about what they mean to you and the emotional appeal of each and stay consistent.

2) Remember Your “Why”

While entrepreneurship can be something that some folks fall into, most business owners remember those first days and weeks of starting their company. There was a problem or void in your life or industry that you observed- this should be in your brand’s messaging and your elevator pitch.

3) Invest In Yourself

Use an expert that can think through the typography, colors, imagery and layout of your branding vs. a graphic designer you have to give lots of direction to. After all, you get what you pay for, so invest in yourself.

4) Consider The Destination

Many times folks immediately think about their business cards and websites for the logo, but you may also have other collateral including apparel, stationary, and promo items that have your branding as well. When rebranding, be sure to think about all the places it must change and do it all at once, so it feels like a true refresh.

5) Never Stop Evolving

At least every 4 years, consider an evolution of your brand. As the CEO, you should always be thinking about the next step for the company, so don’t stick with stale outdated techniques or archaic creative.

6) Trust The Process

Rebrands can take awhile when done right, so don’t rush it. MailChimp’s recent rebrand took them about 16 months to complete. Think through various ideas, brainstorm with your team/tribe, sleep on it and fall back in love with your brand. Be sure to trust your intuition so, once completed, you’ll be proud of your work!