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ELEVATE Mississippi is a 12-week incubator.

ELEVATE Mississippi supports Mississippi residents who are small business owners in need of technical assistance to enhance their business operations.  The program provides resources, tools, mentorship, training, wellness support, and connects an ecosystem of entrepreneurs to thriving community partners who are dedicated to the growth of solopreneurs and microbusinesses. ELEVATE moves businesses from aspiration to application to the achievement of growing from sole operators to a thriving business with multiple employees.

ELEVATE Mississippi is supported through the partnership of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.


HBCU Graduate launches Incubator to provide support for Mississippi Small Businesses


The Breakdown


of villagers indicate stronger business operations post-program


have acquired new users, signups, or customers since being in the program.


secured partnerships since being in the program.


Have Been in Business Between 2 - 4 Years

Village Voices

Mine is more of mentality change. Being in the program has motivated me to do this probably quicker than what I’d planned on doing or ending up being. I’m learning the process of how everything goes. I’d been sitting back waiting on information to come to me, and after learning what I have, it doesn’t sound as far-fetched as it used to.

Going to The Well with Dr. Joy has been helpful. When you’re an entrepreneur, we talk about self-care, but do we really do them? She’s carving out time to make a safe space to really talk about what’s going on that’s impacting our businesses. That has been tremendous.


Our most popular training is Elevate, a 12-week incubator tailored to serve the most urgent needs identified by small businesses.

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Get targeted technical assistance and professional services that empower you to focus, grow, and scale your business.

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Never go alone with access to wellness coaches, mentors, and our community of driven entrepreneurs to help you thrive.

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