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1. Don’t wait until the holidays to start connecting to your audience. Start building connections now so that when you make an offer your audience is already comfortable with your content. Implement this by posting consistently, giving the relevant call to actions, adding in video marketing, and being visible. 

2. Prepare your website for traffic and make the products/sales easy to find on your website. Create a dedicated sales page just for your holiday sales if possible. Use countdown timers for limited time offers to increase conversions.

3. Use your email list. Social media will be full of deals and sales all holiday season, the best chance you have to convert your audience will be your email list. Create a holiday sales funnel that begins with a freebie that leads to your products.

4. Focus on 2-3 “sale” products during this season and create order bumps/upsells for your regular priced products. Consider offering a payment plan if you offer higher priced information products and drip out your content over the season.

5. Use video marketing to make your brand memorable. Videos can prerecorded or you can utilize Live stream. Be consistent with this strategy to see the best return, aim to add daily short videos or go Live 2-3x a week.