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Blocked. Stuck. Unmotivated. Strained. Drained. Overwhelmed. No matter if you have been in business for three months or three years, running a business is hard and feeling one or all of these is inevitable. Even so, feeling stuck or burnt out does not have to last. Here are five things I do to help get refreshed and renewed:

1. Take a Break

As cliche as it sounds, it is important to unplug. Take some time away from the business. Take some time away from social media. Take some time away. Shut down the computer. Walk away from the office. Take a nap. Take a day off. Whatever a break—a real break—looks like for you. I am the queen of declaring that “I’m gonna take a break” from writing an article only to start thinking about social media strategy. Recovering from burnout and getting unstuck requires a real break from all things business. It is important to allow yourself to take the time necessary for you to be able to continue to be the best you and run and build your business.

2. Eat Usually

when I find myself getting stuck, it is due at least in part to me not taking very good care of myself—when I have been running through drive-throughs or skipping meals altogether. Make sure you eat—something healthy that will do good for your body. Spend some time enjoying your meal. Sit down—at a table, with people you love, without your phone. Pack a lunch so you will not feel compelled to eat out or order in. Do this regularly. Nourish your body.

3. Exercise

Nothing gets me back on track like a great workout. A good Zumba class is all I need to get the endorphins flowing and my energy back up. Maybe it is a spin class or a weight-lighting session for you. Maybe it is a nice long walk. Whatever gets your blood pumping, make sure you take some time to do it.

4. Refresh Your Routine

Sometimes I feel unmotivated because I have been doing the exact same thing in the exact same way in the exact same order for too long. It is important to switch it up every once in a while. Try a morning workout instead of an evening one. Eat lunch outside instead of at your desk. Switch up your meditation or write in a journal before you scroll your social media. Make a small, but sustainable change to your routine to restart.

5. Start Again

This is probably the most important step to moving forward. Taking a break and eating and exercising and refreshing your routine will be great for your life but will mean nothing for your business if you do not get back to it. Start again. Put a limit on your break and stick to it. Maybe all you need is an hour. Maybe you need a day or two. Maybe a little longer than that. No matter how long you need, make a plan to get back into the trenches and then do it.