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The journey of Buy From a Black Woman

By: Nikki Porcher

“What do you do for a living?” 

This is a normal question to ask when you first meet a person, but for the last three years I always heisted on how to answer. 

I was a full time Visual Arts Teacher, but I also operate a non-profit that helps Black Woman Business Owners who are looking to start and market their business while spreading awareness about their business. 

So what answer should I give? 

Teaching is what I did for a living but Buy from a Black Woman gave me a reason to keep living. 

I loved being a teacher. I still love teaching. Educating and sharing my love of art with a group of kids brings me so much joy.  

But, I also knew my time in a traditional classroom was over.  

I stayed as long as I did because of the schedule. I used the time off during the summers, the fall and winter breaks and what Atlanta qualifies as “snow days” to work on Buy from a Black Woman. I also used my planning periods and staff meetings too.  

Let’s be real, we do what we have to do in order to do what we have to do. 

I knew this last school year would have to be different.  I knew I wasn’t supposed to be here anymore. 

During the summer of 2018, after The Black Woman Inspire Tour, The Universe showed me that this would have to be my last year teaching full-time. I already knew that I shouldn’t go back, but because of fear and the lack of love I was showed my savings account, I went anyway. 

I wanted to make sure I put myself in a space financially, physical and mentally to be okay with not teaching full-time anymore.  

So I saved and worked. I said no to brunches and girls nights out. The only time I travel was for something related to Buy from a Black Woman. I had to focus on what I was suppose to be doing because, I had knew from past experiences that the Universe will make it hard for you to do anything outside of your purpose, successfully when your purpose has been reveled.  

That last school year was rough. Every test that could be thrown my way came and I doubted if I was making a good choice.  When the last day of school came I was scared, but I had to trust the process because I had 

I saved and I had worked.  

I was prepared.  

I am a single mother to a teenage son.  I’m clinically diagnosed with PTSD and high functioning depression and the Universe has shown me multiple times that when I decide to be still and listen, I will be guided and I will not fail. 

I was stepping out on faith…and savings.  

So, now when asked, “What do you do for a living?” I can proudly say, 

”I run and operate a non-profit that helps Black Woman Business Owners who are looking to start and market their business. I also spread awareness about these businesses with an online directory. It’s called Buy from a Black Woman, maybe you’ve heard of it?” 

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